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Popchrom – Type Shorthand And Expand To Complete Words [Chrome]

When writing email (or anything else) you can have one of two problems; either you’re addicted to ‘writng lyk ths’ or you just find it tiresome to write words like ‘sincerely’ or ‘have a great day’ when you’re swamped with work. Popchrom is a Chrome extension that lets you create abbreviations for words or phrases that you can expand to the actual word/ phrase when you hit Ctrl+Space bar.


The extension works on any page that has a text input field. The extension’s icon, a piece of popcorn (get it? popcorn: popchrom) appears in the URL bar wherever the extension is active. To set up words or phrases, go to the extension’s options and type in whatever you want to abbreviate a phrase or word with. It can be the first few letters of the word/phrase. You can also use select parameters like %day%, %month% etc. Visit the help tab in the extension’s options to see which parameters are supported.

Popchrom options

Once you’ve added a shortcut, click Add to enter a new one or Save to save the current one. Go to any webpage with a text input field or try it out by composing an email. Enter the abbreviation you’ve set up (abbreviations are case sensitive), hit CTRL+Space Bar, and the word will change to which ever phrase you had set it for.

Install Popchrom Extension For Chrome

[via gHacks]

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