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QR Hacker: Create Customizable, Colored QR Codes With Image Embedding [Web]

There are many QR code generating tools out there, but most of them can only create basic format QR codes, without giving users the ability to customize or modify these. QR Hacker is a unique QR code generator that allows you to create attractive, colorful codes. The service encodes Text, URL, Phone numbers, VCard and WiFi Access (Android Only). This simple web application comes with a Customize panel located to the right hand-side of the page, with customization options for background, foreground, pixels and more. It also lets users upload images, which are then added to the QR codes.

Select an input type from the left panel; you can enter text, a URL, a phone number, a VCard or the login and password for the Wi-Fi. You can only enter them exclusively and not all in one.  Hit Generate, and a QR code will instantly be generated. Hit Generate, and a QR code will instantly be generated. Once the QR code is generated, you can customize it by selecting and applying different options from the Customize panel on the right hand-side. This panel offers users with Pixel Roundness, Background color and Foreground color options. You can either add a solid color or a photo for the background, whereas for the foreground, you can add a solid color, photo, logo or edit pixel by pixel. Once done, you can choose to show the QR code in the public gallery and download it as a PNG image or a PDF document.


The downloaded image has a bar across the bottom of the code with the name of the website. It isn’t like a watermark though. It can be cropped out and the QR code will remain intact and fully functional. At the bottom of the page, you will find two basic categories, Highlights and All Recent, which have a variety of colorful QR codes.

The app is excellent as an alternative to business cards for people who can’t afford to have custom ones designed. The Wi-Fi information that can stored, although limited to just Android as far as readability goes, is a great way for restaurants and other places that offer Wi-Fi to patrons to easily share it with them.


QR Hacker is a user-friendly service that creates gorgeous QR codes by letting you customize them with a variety of colors and backgrounds. Visit the link below, try it out, and let us know what you think.

Visit QR Hacker


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