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Quickly Bookmark Videos From Any Website To myVidster [Extension]

Video bookmarks is an extension that lets you save videos from any video host, website or blog to myVidster, a social video bookmarking service that lets you collect, share and search videos. The extension lets you save videos so you can watch them later, and also lets you explore video collections from other users. Moreover, the aforementioned service lets you organize your video collection by letting you tag them or by creating video channels. Since the extension works with a web service, you will have to sign up to it. After installing the extension, whenever you’re watching a video that you would like to save, click the button in the toolbar, and it will instantly be added to myVidster, along with all the details. With Video Bookmarks, you will be able to access all your favorite videos from multiple services from a single website, and no longer worry about not being able to find it again. More after the break.

Whenever you’re short on time and want to bookmark a video to watch later, simply click the button in the toolbar. Almost instantly, your video will be saved to myVidster, along with details like bookmark date, source link, permissions, descriptions and more. You will also be able to add tags, change the thumbnail for the video, change the existing channel or create a new one. Once done, select permissions from Public, Private or Adult, and hit the Save or Save & Queue buttons. Additionally, you can click the account option displayed at the top of the page and connect your Facebook or Twitter account to myVidster, so your friends can easily find you. The account settings also allow you to organize and manage videos by letting you create different collections. Once the video has been saved, myVidster will automatically redirect you to your video host.


For each saved video, you will be able to view the details to the right hand-side and the thumbnails of saved videos at the bottom of the page. You can then switch between your collections, search for videos that you’ve saved, or explore video collections from other users on myVidster.

saved video

Video Bookmarks is a pretty slick extension that eases the way you watch videos. With it, you will never lose track of your favorite videos. Install the extension from the link below and give it a try!

Install Video Bookmarks For Google Chrome

Install Video Bookmarks Add-On For Firefox

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