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Quickly Enable And Disable Extensions From Address Bar In Chrome

Many a times we require disabling certain useful extensions as they cause conflicts with regularly visited websites. This can be done from Settings –> Tools –> Extensions in Chrome. However, it can be quite a laborious task to periodically enable and disable extensions from the extension management page. Quick Enable and Quick Disable are two Chrome extensions that allow instantly enabling or disabling of extension from the address bar. For example, to enable an extension (e.g. croppr), type “enable cropper” in the address bar and hit Enter.

Similarly, extensions can be disabled by writing disable, followed by the extension name and hitting Enter (in the address bar). In case you have problem remembering the extensions name or spellings, this too can be easily resolved by simply typing the initial words of the extension to display its complete name. For example, typing “cr” will display the extension name croppr.

Google - Google Chrome_2011-02-25_11-10-06

Unfortunately, the enable/disable functionality has not been provided by the developer in a single extension and therefore, you will have to download both these Chrome extensions to acquire quick extension enabling and disabling options.

Quick Enable Extension for Chrome

Quick Disable Extension for Chrome

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