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Recover Lost Text From Textbox Form And WYSIWYG Editor In Firefox

It happens quite so often that while filling out a lengthy form, writing an article, or commenting on forums, Firefox suddenly gets crashed due to some un-identifiable reasons. We all know that Firefox can recover all the previously opened tabs in case of crash, but what about the text you were entering at the time of crash? How would you recover the entered text back? Textarea Cache may come useful in such situations. It is an extension for Firefox which can recover all the previously written text. It is originally programmed to cache text along with images and video links that load from WYSIWYG based text-editor, so users can retain lost articles, rough drafts, comments, etc back anytime.

After the extension is installed, move to Option window to add exceptions for websites. Nevertheless, exception for a current website can also be added instantly from its icon menu (present in bottom-right corner of window).

exceptions 1

Once exceptions are added, you are good to go. Now you can create rough drafts on any WYSIWYG text-editor without fearing about sudden crash. A click on the icon brings up its cache window, letting you navigate through saved content. Text with images can be easily recovered by highlighting the content followed by a click on Copy and close button.

text cache 1

Textarea Catch Extension for Firefox

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