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Resize Chrome Browser Window To Various Screen & Mobile Resolutions

Windows resizer is a Chrome extension that resizes the browser window in order to fit various resolutions, which can be easily customized. The extension can come in handy particularly for web developers and designers, as they can test their layouts on different browser resolutions. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can access all the different types of resolutions by clicking the button in the toolbar. You will find a wide range of resolution categories displayed in a pop-up, such as iPhone, Old Computers, Current computers, Netbook, Laptop and more.

Once you’ve installed the extension, simply click the button in the toolbar and access all the different resolutions. You will find multiple categories, like HVGA (iPhone, Android), Old Computers, Not that old computers, Netbook, Laptops 15.4”, Laptop 15.6” and Other laptops. Select a resolution and the window size will change accordingly. Moreover, a tool tip with the window size details also appears at the bottom right corner. Click the Edit Resolutions to customize and add new resolutions to the list.


As soon as the window size changes, a tooltip is displayed at the bottom right corner of the window, with the Window size and Viewport size details.

size tool tip

When you click the Edit Resolutions option, you will be taken to the Presets tab. Here, you can customize existing resolutions, or add new ones from the right hand-side. Enter the Height and Width, select size, screen type, add description and save.


The Settings allow you to set the Window position and Extension’s icon behavior. You can also choose to hide the tooltip that appears when you change the window size. Furthermore, set the display time for the tooltip and adjust the Popup menu width.


Window Resizer is a simple utility that gives web developers and designers an option to change window size from a compact pop-up in the browser, with accuracy. You can install the extension from the link below.

Install Window Resizer For Google Chrome

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