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Save Separate Browsing Sessions With Different Tabs For Each Window [Chrome]

Everyone has different browsing habits; some people keep opening more and more tabs in a single window until the only thing that distinguishes one tab from the other is a very obscured and thin line. Others will open several tabs across several windows and end up working with something like ten different browser windows. It’s difficult to manage them either way but separating tabs into several windows might still be the better more manageable way to do it. The problem with working in different windows is that it’s a lot more difficult to switch to a different window. Simple Window Saver is a Chrome extension that makes it easier to manage the windows you have open and also to switch to them. Simple Window Saver lets you name the windows and keeps track of how many tabs are open in a single window. Unlike other session managers, Simple Window Saver remembers when you’ve saved a window and keeps track of changes. It also saves all the tabs and you can switch to a window simply by clicking the button in the toolbar. The extension is not full of features you don’t need, and works perfectly.

Once installed the extension adds a small browser window button next to the URL bar. Click it and enter a name for the current window. You will see a number at the end that tells you the number of tabs in the window. Once you’ve saved a window, you can move on to another one. Once you’ve saved each window using the extension, click the button again and click one of the windows and you will switch to it.

Windows saver

Save windows by entering a name for them, such as work or entertainment. You can close a window without visiting by clicking the little red cross at the end of a window name. When you have closed a particular window, simply click the button in the toolbar, select a category and the window will instantly be launched with all your saved tabs.

Simple Window Saver is unobtrusive and has no options or settings, whatsoever. It is specially recommended for users who work with multiple windows and find it difficult to manage them. If you’ve always stuck with opening tabs in the same window because switching is too inconvenient for you then this extension is a fairly good way to start breaking your session into more than one window.

Install Simple Window Saver For Google Chrome


    • That is the whole point of extensions – to add browser functionality that’s missing, or found elsewhere. Porting some good feature to another browser is not exactly what I’d call copying, but even if it is, it’s for the users’ benefit.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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