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Search Facebook From Chrome Browser

Search on Facebook

Facebook Fast Search enables searching in the same way from Facebook. Simply highlight a word or phrase from any website and find related Facebook pages, profiles, groups, etc by initiating a search from the right-click context menu. This feature can come pretty handy, as Facebook has become a host of information on a lot of things, including brands, products, people, celebrities, events and a lot more. Facebook can thus be used as an information pool of its own.

The extension is pretty straight-forward. You search using the right-click menu, and the search results page displays links from related pages on Facebook that can be used to find appropriate content related to the searched term (e.g. a fan page).

firefox - Google Search - Google Chrome

With this extension, one can instantly locate related Facebook information about a selected word or phrase. It can also be quite helpful in finding Facebook profiles for friends. For example, by highlighting a friends name from a website (e.g. a LinkedIn profile) one can instantly lookup for a Facebook profile via right-click context menu.

Mozilla Firefox  Facebook - Google Chrome

A direct search with appropriate suggestions can also be performed by clicking on the Facebook icon next to the address bar, typing in the search criteria in the pop-up text box and hitting Enter.

Program Manager_2011-03-09_13-23-28

Facebook Fast Search Extension for Chrome

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