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Send And Receive Emails On Scheduled Time With Boomerang Extension [GMail]

Boomerang has been written to give Gmail users more control over sending & receiving emails. The add-in integrates directly in Gmail UI (available for both Firefox and Google Chrome), without requiring any pre-requisites (even changing extension configurations). Not only does it integrate with Gmail but you can also use it with other Google services or services which you’ve subscribed through Google account. It is mainly targeted towards Gmail users, because its usability is vast when compared with other supported services, which ranges from sending & receiving mails in defined scheduled timings, setting a time range in which you want to receive messages, and automatically mark important emails so that you can remember important scheduled emails all the time.

The application usage revolves around sending and receiving mails. You can define a specific time to send the mail being composed, it will automatically en-queue the message and send it on specified time. Similarly you can control when to receive mails. According to the developer, the user doesn’t necessarily need to verify that message has been sent or not, the extension is free from any weird headers and delivery issues.

After the extension is installed in your favorite browser (Firefox/Chrome), while reading an email, you will see Boomerrang menu on the toolbar. It is a pull-down menu that holds a list of options for changing the time of receiving the email in question. Like, you can delay the delivery from 1 hour to 1 month, or enter a time/date for receiving the mail.

Gmail - 1

Likewise, options are available to send an email on defined time or date, you can send email being composed in 1 hour – 1 month directly. However, to schedule it according to your requirements, go for a specific date/time.

send later -1

From the top, click Manage Boomerang to manage both the send & receive scheduled mails, it lists down all the emails which are to be sent and/or received later. Another notable aspect is that it lets you re-schedule the listed mail items, you can either change the timings for sending/receiving mails or discard the schedule. All the discarded composed messages will be moved to drafts while discarded received items can be accessed from inbox.

Boomerang - 5

Below you can watch the detailed usage demonstration.

The application is in beta phase, during testing we didn’t encounter any bug. It works seamlessly on both Firefox 3.6+ and Google Chrome 7.0+.

Boomerang for Firefox & Google Chrome

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