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Serendip – Stream And Air Music On Twitter

You may be on Twitter for a lot of reasons and if one of those reasons is to find new or underground artists and music, Serendip is a web application that will help you keep up with the music being shared in your news stream. The apps filters links from YouTube from everyone you follow on Twitter. You can then stream those songs in the app; mute the people you don’t like and applaud the ones that you do.

Serendip play video

Once you’re in using your Twitter account, the app will automatically scan your stream and pick out music videos shared by people you follow. The videos will be added to the the horizontal scroll bar on the top. You can click anyone of them to start playing the video. Unconventionally, the music player controls are above the player. To show appreciation for a song or DJ, click the little rock on button in the top left.

Serendip search and preview

To search for videos, type in an artist, band or song name in the search bar and hit enter. A small pop-up will list all matches from YouTube. Mouse over a result and two buttons will appear; a play button and an Air button. Click the play button and the video will start playing in the pop-up. If you already have something playing in the main player, it will be paused automatically.

Serendip share on twitter

To Air a song means to share it on Twitter. If you click the air button when on a search result, a dialog box will open allowing you to share the song with fellow Serendip users and on Twitter.

Serendip aired by users

To view a list of videos shared by other Serendip users or by people you follow, scroll through the panel on the right of the media player. Click on any user and a list of all songs that they’ve shared will appear. When you select a user, three icons become active above the user’s name. The headset icon adds a user or DJ to your list of favorites and continues to actively monitor the user for new content. A second icon, a smiley that looks like it is being gaged, lets you mute music shared by that user. The info icon lets you view the user’s profile.

The app is useful because if you follow a lot of people who tweet very frequently, you might not be able to check everything that’s shared. This app lets you find the music in your Twitter stream and provides you an easy way of following it.

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