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Stop Firefox Memory Leak With Firefox Plumber


If the programs running in your system were people, your memory would be the currency they used. It’s  one of those things that are hard to conserve and easily lost. Everything from your browser to the harmless widgets on your desktop are just sucking away at your RAM. Firefox, one of the most loved browsers of all time, is notorious for its memory leaks. If you leave Firefox running for even a few hours, its memory usage can almost double. It may seem like some far fetched urban legend but it’s true; Firefox eats your RAM even when it’s running idle in your system. Firefox Plumber is a desktop tool that (like any good plumber) claims to plug your memory leak allowing you to leave the browser running until the next predicted rapture while it ensures no memory leak occur.

Memory leak occurs the longer the browser is kept running and everything from the pages you have open to the extensions you have installed effect how much memory is leaked. Firefox Plumber claims to provide a simple and free solution to the problem. Download the file, unzip it and run the Foxboost.exe file. A small icon will appear in the system tray and that’s all you’ll see of this little tool. As long as it’s running, it will continue to plug leaks. Developed by Rizone3, it works on much the same principle as their memory optimization engine with a few minor tweaks made to manage the memory leak in Firefox. The tool has no interface or complicated settings and runs quietly in the background. Based on tests, with up to 20 tabs open, physical memory usage went from 185MB to 4MB. The rest of it getting locked in virtual memory to prevent the leak.

Download Firefox Plumber


  1. That’s awesome, it does have a small sideffect though, it slightly elevates the CPU usage, but the tradeoff is well worth it, thanks a lot 🙂

  2. seems like a bad idea, since it pushes firefox memory pages to the harddisk, rather than recovering not freed pages.

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