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Switch Tab Groups From Dropdown Menu In Firefox With Tab Group Switcher

Firefox tab groups are like tabbed browsing, only smarter. All browsers have their own way of grouping tabs, whether it’s by color coding them or just listing them in a panel on the side, but Firefox has an edge. Opera came out with the feature first but Firefox does it a little better and Tab Group Switcher is a Firefox extension that makes it even easier to switch between tab groups. The extension adds a drop down next to the tab groups icon which lists all tab groups by title in a menu and lets you switch to the tab group you click on.

Tab Group Switcher

Using the extension means you never have to go back to tab groups view whenever you want to switch to another tab group. The extension best serves its purpose if you name your groups. Untitled groups are listed as ‘No Title’ groups. To see which tabs you have open in an untitled group you will have to open the tab group view and that kills the whole point of making things easy. When you click on a tab group, the extension takes you to the first tab in that group.

Install Tab Group Switcher For Firefox

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