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Switchy: Easily Create And Switch Between Profiles On Firefox

Firefox saves your information about bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in your user profile; nothing but a set of files which saves all this information. While this makes perfect sense for a single-user scenario, having two different people share a computer will become a nightmare because of continuous conflicts with each other’s preferences. Firefox allows you to create multiple profiles but switching between them isn’t very easy. While Firefox allows you to create profiles, creating or switching between them is no way near as easy as it is in Chrome. Switchy is a Firefox add-on that fixes this; it allows you to create new profiles, assign different URLs to open at default and keep add-ons, preferences and bookmarks separate from the default profile.

After installation, the Switchy button is added next to the URL bar. Clicking this button opens a set of options, where you can open the profile Manager and change various parameters. When browsing a particular website, you can add it to any of your chosen profiles by using the Add this website to a profile button. There are two basic options when you start Firefox. You can either choose to Work offline using a profile, or select Don’t ask at startup to allow Firefox to load the selected profile without prompting at launch.


The Switchy manger lets you add multiple websites to each profile. You can choose to start these websites at startup, or when set to exclusive, a notification bar will appear when a website will be visited on other profiles.


The add-on has both its pros and cons. Since creating and switching profiles is such a long process in Firefox, this add-on is one of the easiest ways to get that done. On the other hand, it does not allow you to use two profiles at the same time. Firefox, at any given time, can open only one profile. This might just be a limitation of the browser itself since you can’t even run two different channels of Firefox at the same time. The add-on’s major flaw lies in that it edits your Home Page in Firefox’s Options. While it is super easy to reset it and the add-on will not reset it again, this is clearly something many would find either annoying or suspicious.

Switchy is a multi-user-friendly add-on, offering better profile management and enhanced security. It can be grabbed at the link provided below.

Install Switchy Add-On for Firefox


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