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Syncpad Webnotes – Sync Your SimpleNote Notes Across Chrome Browsers

SimpleNote is a note taking service that allows you to sync notes across different devices and take notes on any web page using independently developed browser extensions. The service itself is good because it provides a simple note taking interface that syncs well but if you’re somewhat concerned with how you’re going to sync your notes across Chrome browsers you can use Syncpad Webnotes extension. The original extension, Syncpad for Simplenote, cited on the SimpleNote website lets you see all notes in a pop-up but with this extension you can see and edit your notes on the website you added them to. The extension also makes it easier to add a note by simply clicking the extension’s icon. The extension requires that you have Syncpad for Simplenote already installed and running in Chrome.

syncpad webnotes

To add a note to a site, click the extension to create a blank note and add text. The note auto syncs itself periodically and after even the slightest changes. You must have Chrome sync enabled and the extension installed on the Chrome browser you want to sync notes to.

The extension adds an icon next to the URL bar that is updated constantly with the number of notes that you’ve added. You an choose to hide the extension button as its sync function runs in the background and use the Syncpad for Simplenote extension’s icon to add notes and manage your account.

Install Syncpad Webnotes Extension For Chrome

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