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Tab Sidebar Reloaded: Preview & Access History For Open Tabs [Firefox]

Managing and sifting through multiple open tabs while researching a topic can be a difficult and a cumbersome task. Tab Sidebar Reloaded, a Firefox add-on, provides users with a sidebar in the browser that acts as the main tab bar, but with added features. With it, you can get a preview of tabs that gets continuously updated, so you don’t have to visit such tabs over and over again. Another very useful feature is that, every tab comes with history, reload and stop options, which conveniently allow you to navigate between multiple open tabs. The tab preview is automatically refreshed whenever the page changes, and you can also hide the main tab bar when the sidebar is open. The options allow you to display the sidebar on the right, left, top and bottom of the page. Tab Sidebar Reloaded enhances your web browsing experience by quickly letting you switch and manage tabs.

If you want to view the sidebar and along with the main tab bar, uncheck Hide the tab bar when the sidebar is open option. The sidebar displays the preview of all your websites, and you can drag its edge to change the width.  Each tab preview comes with three basic options, Reload, Stop and History. Click on the tiny arrow at the bottom of each preview tab to access the entire history for that particular website, and use the blue forward and backward buttons to navigate between previously visited pages.


The Tab Sidebar Options let you Hide the tab bar when the sidebar is open, Display navigation buttons, Display page previews, Keep previews up to date and Always preview the start of the page. Furthermore, you may change the position of the sidebar to left, right, bottom or top.

Tab sidebar options

This is quite a handy add-on which lets users organize a multitude of opened tabs. It can also be useful for people who want to save time and work in a more effective manner with multiple open tabs. The add-on can be found at the link below.

Install Tab Sidebar Reloaded Add-On For Firefox

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