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Twitter Symbols Lets You Add Special Characters & Symbols To Tweets

Every character counts on Twitter because you only get to type 140 of them. There are services that let you enter longer tweets but what they essentially do is add a link to your tweet where followers can see the rest of it. Under these restrictions, using symbols or special characters to get your message across in 140 characters or less is one good way to do it and also to make your tweet more interesting. Twitter Symbols is a web app that lets you enter symbols and characters by tweeting from its platform.

Twitter Symbols

The app lets you enter different arrows, hands, stars, chess characters, zodiac symbols, patterns and mathematic symbols. Each symbol counts as a single character. Click on a symbol to enter it and then proceed to write your tweet. It may seem somewhat restricting that you can only enter symbols using the app’s interface but it ensures no one goes crazy and makes a flower symbol a signature for each tweet.


The characters are added without any links whatsoever being incorporated in your tweet.

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