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Make GSM Phone Calls With HTC Flyer 3G [How To Guide]

If you opted to go for Flyer, the flagship Android tablet from HTC, and you luckily got it with S-OFF, then there is some great news for you! Folks over at XDA Forums have managed to tinker with this tab’s build.prop to allow GSM phone calls using Bluetooth headset. This is seriously awesome but you’ll need to have S-OFF on your tab prior to attempting this hack. And with S-OFF, you will also need permanent root that won’t allow the system to revert the changes done to build.prop.

This hack, for now, isn’t intended for HTC flyer users with S-ON i.e. Locked Bootloader. However the team behind AlphaRevX is hard at work to S-OFF Flyer tabs along with HTC Sensation and Evo 3D, so its only a matter of weeks [let’s hope days] that you’ll be able to gain S-OFF along with permanent root. It is also necessary to mention that this modification will only bear fruit if done on HTC Flyer 3G version.

Here is the step by step guide to enable GSM phone calls on HTC Flyer 3G:

1. The first step is to make sure that you have permanent root privileges along with S-OFF on your device. You can follow the detailed guide posted here to gain perma root on your HTC Flyer 3G.

2. Now connect your device over a stable Wi-Fi internet connection and download Root Explorer from Market.

3. Once you have the root explorer installed, tap to launch and go to / System / build.prop.

4. Now open build.prop in a text editor of your choice and edit the following lines:


5. And edit the following lines to change Bluetooth Headset profile:

ro.bt.profiles    = 4270403
service.brcm.bt.ag_supported = 1

6. Once done, save all the changes made and reboot your device.

After your device reboots, launch Program Menu and you will see the new phone app. Now you are all set to make and receive calls on your S-OFF HTC Flyer 3G. The credit for this hack goes to clubtech at XDA forums and you can head to the official mod thread here for donations, feedback and developer support.

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