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TwitTV – Watch Videos Associated With Trending Topics On Twitter

What trends on Twitter doesn’t always make sense; if you gained a follower every time #whyimsingle trended on Twitter, you might just make it to the top 100 most popular people on Twitter (estimate is based on the level of annoyance with the #whyimsingle trend). While a lot of weird things might trend on the popular micro blogging site, some trends are worth paying attention to, particularly if they might have entertaining or informational content (images or videos) associated with them. TwitTV is a free web service that filters videos from tweets about trending topics and lets you view them easily. You can switch to the next video associated with a trend, switch to viewing videos for another trend and view trending videos for different regions (restricted to regions that Twitter supports Trends for).

The service requires no sign up whatsoever and doesn’t even require you to sign in with your Twitter account. The interface is simple; the left panel shows you what is currently trending on Twitter. When you visit the site, it shows you worldwide trends and starts playing videos associated with the top trend. The video player has two buttons on either side that let you move to the next or previous trend. A speaker like icon lets you turn the volume on or off and a smaller arrow just below it lets you switch to the next video for the current trend.


Click on any one of the trends on the left and videos being tweeted with the trend will load. You cannot pause and replay the video, however, if you click on it, the video opens in YouTube. To change trending regions, click the dropdown arrow and pick a region or turn the dial.

TwitTV region

Clicking on any of the trends in the left panel loads videos for it. The service is a great way to follow content on the useful trending topics and make sense of the news instead of wondering why on earth #talkaboutawkward is trending.

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  1. I agree. Just wonder how long they’ll be able to hold onto that logo. Leo Laporte’s Twit.tv is already well established. When I googled twittv, Leo’s site came up first and this one second so he must know about it. The URL of this new site is actually trendingtopicstv.com. Wonder why they didn’t just use TrendingTopicsTV.

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