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Epson iPrint App For Android Takes Care Of All Your Printing Needs

Have a wireless Epson all-in-one printer nearby? Gain control of it through your smartphone and start printing photos and webpages via Epson iPrint. The app also lets you scan images, save them online (or on your device), download images from Dropbox, Evernote and Box.net (and print them), check printer status and ink levels and access Epson’s FAQ support right from your device. Released by renowned printer manufacturer, Epson, the app was initially available to iOS users only while it’s Android client has just recently been launched.

Epson iPrint helps you with your printing needs as you can access all the core printer features right from your device. The app opens to a homescreen with dedicated buttons for photo printing, online storage, webpage printing and image scanning. Each button carries a rich set of options. The app automatically detects nearby wireless Epson printers over Wi-Fi and lets you take control of them from your device.

Once connected to a printer, tap on the Photos button on the homescreen to launch the app’s print interface. Select images from the gallery that you wish to print with Epson iPrint, select your printing preferences and tap Print. Tap on the ‘+/ –’ button to add/ remove images to/ from the print list. Swipe image thumbnails left / right to view various items on the print list. Images can also be zoomed in/ out as required. Tapping the Menu button on this screen lets you view Picture size of your images and provides a shortcut to Printer Settings.

You have the choice of setting up your printing preferences according to your exact needs. From the Printer Settings screen, you can set the paper size, media type (plain paper / bright white paper), paper layout, print quality and number of copies per print. Tapping Advanced Settings allows you to select paper source and the color settings (with an option for monochrome printing). You can also adjust various print parameters such as brightness, contrast and saturation. In addition, you can choose whether you want to print date/ time along with your document(s).

The app lets you download and print images from various cloud storage services such as Evernote, Dropbox and Box.net. With Epson’s iPrint app, you can also print websites through your device and avail its integrated bookmark features. An opened webpage is divided into multiple segments, each of which can be printed individually. Screen number (or page number) of opened segment of the webpage is displayed along with the total number of screens that constitute the entire page.

Finally, the Scan button on app’s homescreen lets you scan images directly from a Wi-Fi scanner, save the them on your device, send them through email and/ or print them via Epson iPrint. You can tweak various scanner settings such as image type, resolution and a few advanced settings.

Two other buttons on the app’s homescreen provide access to Maintenance and Support. On the maintenance screen, you can check out Printer Status, Remaining Ink/Toner and miscellaneous printer maintenance settings such as Head Cleaning and Nozzle Check.

From the Support page, you can get easy access to Epson’s FAQs and information about various Epson products. Tapping the Buy Epson Ink/Toner button on this screen leads you to company website from where you can place your order for your ink/toner supplies.

Download the app from the Android Market for free and let Epson iPrint take care of all your printing needs.

Note: Supported printers/ devices are listed on app’s Market page (link provided below).

Download Epson iPrint for Androidt


  1. When will the Android version allow Document printing? This would be the most important function. I know that the iPhone/iPad versions do.

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