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20 Amazing MIUI Lockscreen Themes [Android]

It wasn’t too long ago that Widget Locker was the app of of choice for every Android user looking to boast a customized lockscreen. And why not? The app offered tons of customizations and functions that none could challenge. All of that was true, till MIUI ROM developers decided to venture into the lockscreen business. It all started from MIUI 1.6.17 and continues to this date, evolving and getting better everyday. It would be foolish to say that Widget Locker has lost its purpose, but MIUI’s lockscreen initiative has surely given the former a run for its money. There are tons of MIUI lockscreen themes scattered around the internet, so we decided to bring you 20 of what we thought to be the most awesome lockscreens for the ROM, under one roof. For previews and links to download the themes, read on!

In order to install the themes shown below, you need to move the file (.mtz) to MIUI/Themes on your Android device. Some files may have a .zip extension, while some may need to be extracted to find the .mtz file. Most will simply need the extension changed to .mtz. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of knowing whether to extract or rename the files, so extract, and if you do not find a .mtz file, change the extension.


DreamlockDreamlock - 2

If only the lockscreen had music playback controls. Still, very appealing.

Download DreamLock

Sidekick LS by h_zee13

Sidekick 1Sidekick 2

This theme even includes an audio effect for the transition to an unlocked state.

Download Sidekick

RO UI v2

RO UI v2RO UI v2 - 2

Download RO UI v2

WP7 v1.2

WP7 v1.3 - purpleWP7 v1.3 - blue

WP7 v1.3 - greenWP7 v1.3 - orange

Download WP7 v1.2

Update: Original download link broken. We’ve been unable find an alternative link. Do let us know if you find one.


Simplicity - With Music Controls

Download Simplicity | Simplicity with no status bar

Modern Sense

Modern Sense

Download Modern Sense

Samsung GS MIUI v2

Samsung GS MIUI v2

Download Samsung GS MIUI v2



Download Honecyomb

Update: The download link for this theme seems to be broken. You might want to try out Honeylockbwr, which is another, slightly different, Honeycomb-themed MIUI lockscreen.

10 Way Lockscreen

Ten Point Music

Download 10 Way Lockscreen

Update: The download link for this lockscreen theme seems to be broken. If you find an alternative link, please do let us know.



Download ROU UI

Colors v1.2

Colors v1.2

Download Colors v1.2

WP7 Dark

WP7 Dark

Download WP7 Dark


Diagonal (NSB)

Download Diagonal | Diagonal with no status bar



Download Evoluer

Dock Lock Right

Dock Lock Right

Download Dock Lock Right

Neon BT

Neon BT

Download Neon BT



Download Circles



Download Typoclock

Download Typoclock weather

XJ’s Cube

XJs Cube Lock

Download XJ’s Cube

XJ’s Tenpoint Reloaded

XJs Tenpoint Reloaded

Download XJ’s Tenpoint Reloaded

Please feel free to inform us about any brilliant lockscreen we may have missed out in the list.

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  1. How I can use them on Samsung Vibrant (root) with the latest MIUI rom running on it ??

    I am kinda new at this mods and stuff..

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