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Uploading.to: Upload Files To Multiple File Hosting Services At Once [Web]

File sharing has been around for a very long time; long before it was a religion in Sweden (Kopimism. You want to Google this, trust me) and long before Dropbox made it simpler to work with from your desktop. Services like RapidShare, Megaupload, MediaFire etc., have long been used to create a cloud repository of files and to share them with others. They all focus on mass sharing with literally the entire internet. Uploading.to is a freshly baked web app that allows you to upload your files to these widely used file hosting services. It supports Rapidshare, Megaupload, DepositFiles, FileSonic, MediaFire , FileServe, MegaUpload, etc., with a single click. You can upload up to 10 files at a time to selected file hosting services. Furthermore, it lets you add a description with files that you’re uploading. Once the files are uploaded, you can copy the source link in order to share it with others. The link you get is not for the files uploaded to the individual sites, but rather for Upload.to where you can choose one of the many different sites you uploaded the file to and download it from any one of them.

Uploading.to comes with an easy-to-use interface and displays multiple host services on its homepage. Check the box next the service you want to upload to and then click Choose File in the File field and select a single file. To upload additional files, the click the +1 file button present underneath the description field. Add a description for the files you like, select any number of file hosting servers and then click upload.


You can watch files upload one by one to each service. As upload completes, the progress bar is replaced with a Download button. Once your file has been uploaded to all services, click Copy Link. For each set of files you upload, a unique link is generated. If you use the service without an account, you will have to keep track of these links yourself. Alternatively, you can choose to share the source links on Facebook, Twitter, etc, or via mail. Just click any of your favorite social networking sites, share the link on your wall and write something about the uploaded link.

Uploading.to has certainly made it easy to upload files to multiple file hosting servers. It saves you both time and effort and lets you share multiple sources for downloading a file with a single link.

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