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Cammster – Use Your Webcam As Online Motion Detecting Security System

Security, whether it’s online or for your home, neither should be taken lightly and while there are several little or no-cost measures you can take to protect your online security,  home security isn’t really that cheap. For those of you who feel they need a complete surveillance system to protect their home, they will inadvertently have to pay big for it. For the simpler home surveillance requirements, you can use your webcam and Cammster; it’s a simple web service that monitors your home, takes periodic pictures and sends you email alerts if it detects unusual levels of activity thus turning in to an effective low cost motion detection system for your home.

Run Cammster

No downloads or complex software installations are required to use the service. Sign up, turn on your webcam, select the level of motion sensitivity and start monitoring. The webcam acts as a security camera that will be sensitive to changes in its view. Detector sensitivity determines what level of movement the service will pick up as unusual. You can increase or decrease it to whatever you like. At level 14  (the default level) it picked up flutter tissue paper as unusual activity. At 28, it effectively picked up the body movement. Whenever the service picks up unusual activity, it sends you an email with a link where you can see the snapshots taken by the service of the event as it happened. Each image is captioned with the date and time taken and the level of sensitivity it crossed.

Event Cammster

The service also lets you view a history of all unusual activity from your account and all images taken from each activity.

My Account Cammster

The free version sends you email alerts only, to get SMS alerts, you need to pay a fee. The service supports multiple webcams. In order to use multiple webcams, open Cammster in a new tab or window where you will be asked to choose which webcam you want to use. Happy recording!

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m from Cammster team, and I’d like to notice that service does support multiple webcams. You just need to launch Cammster on other page (or other computer) and it will work properly with several webcams.

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