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View Firefox 4 Browsing History In Tree View (Threaded View)

How often has your browsing history failed to help you find a really great web page you visited? At times what you need more than browsing history is a browsing map. WheretoWhere is a Firefox extension that gives you just that. It maintains a hierarchical record (based on your browsing history) of pages you visited, where each page originated from and how you got to a site or page.


The extension organizes your history into a map (or tree) that lets you see page( s) you visited and how you got to them. The webpages don’ just appear as links but as links relative to how you opened them.  When you visit several pages in a single tab (browse different pages in the same tab), each page appears with a small black arrow showing which link you visited after that.

For links that you opened in new tabs, each page appears as an independent entry (without a black arrow) but at a lower level as the originating page. In the screenshot above, all three pages were opened in a new tab from one page.

To recall your browsing path for a particular page, open your history in the hierarchical layout by going to tools and clicking on From Where to Where, select the Search History option and your browsing path for that particular page will open in a new tab.

Another feature of the extension is link suggestion which appears below the ‘Search History’ option. The Link Suggestions suggests links that are related to the site, these links all originate from the page you currently have open. You can double click on the link and it will be highlighted on the page. This extension can not only help you find your browsing pattern but also retrieve an entire search that you did at any given point in time.

Install WhetetoWhere For Firefox

[via Lifehacker]

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  1. Tip for link suggestion:

    actually just click the link button on the panel will do the highlighting (which is searching on page basically), instead of double click.

    Thanks for the detailed introduction.

    FromWhereToWhere developer.

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