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Vimeo Music Store: Find Unique Music Tracks To Add To Your Videos [Web]

Want to add unique music scores to your videos? Recently, Vimeo launched its Music Store that allows users to find music tracks, download them, and use them in their videos. Vimeo Music Store doesn’t have music from the usual mainstream recording artists, but offers users with something different, featuring both paid and free tracks. The store comes with an extensive music library, boasting almost 45,000 tracks that can be browsed by different genres, moods, tempos and other criteria. Vimeo Music Store is powered by Audiosocket and Free Music Archive.

The web app comes with an huge collection of music, with the right side of the main page dedicated to Featured Tracks. Using Vimeo Music Store is completely free, and only requires a simple sign up.


The Music Search category consists of different genres, where you may find songs by Genres, Tempos, Themes, Moods and Instrumentations. In addition to that, you can view Recommendations, My Saved Tracks and My Downloads when logged in.  

You can add a track your Saved Tracks list by hovering your mouse over the entry and clicking the star that appears. The Recommendations tab contains the full list of all featured tracks, and shows you the best of the best. All your downloads can be accessed from the My Downloads tab.


Click the green download button to download a track. After you click this, a pop-up appears with details of the tracks license. Generally, all tracks displayed under the Creative Commons license are free, while others may require you to dust some bucks out of your pocket.


Vimeo Music Store allows you to discover new tracks, and use them in your videos. Searching and downloading tracks is dead simple. It is definitely worth a try, so visit the link given below, check it out and drop a comment.

Visit Vimeo Music Store

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