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YouHide – A Free Web Based Online Proxy Server

Recently I visited Pandora’s website got a message saying that my country is outside US, therefore the website is not available in my region. I wanted to use websites like Myspace, Facebook and Youtube both at college and work but they were all blocked and I wanted to sneak my way through their blockage.

This is where I started a hunt for the best free proxy server on the internet. I came across many proxy servers, and half of them were just not working, were giving poor results or their websites were full of spammy advertisements.

Update: If you are using Windows operating system, then try out the following two proxy tools(they are free and have been tested to work) – FreeVPN and UltraVPN.

I then came across YouHide and thought it was just another proxy server with spammy ads, but to my surprise there were no ads on their main page, the site is extremely easy to use and best of all IT WORKS.


YouHide describe themself as,

We provide a free service that changes your identification to prevent unauthorized access to your computer over the Internet. Therefore, with this service servers can not uniquely identify or track you, so can stay anonymous. You can also manage cookies to prevents monitoring of your network traffic. Some people use a microsoft proxy server and pay crazy ammounts. At this free proxy server you’ll also be able to get around firewall that blocked you from visiting your favorite websites. Unlike other anonymous proxy servers. YouHide is a proxy, which means websites that require logins will work with YouHide & may not with many other proxy servers. If you dont own a microsoft proxy server and you’re not an expert in home networking, you can use us to unblock myspace and your other favorite sites.

YouHide Proxy Server has the following advantages,

  • It helps protect your privacy when you are online.
  • It lets you get around the blocked websites when at school or work.
  • It helps you gain access to websites which have been blocked by the Government of your Country.
  • It helps you in accessing restricted websites, for e.g, Hulu, Pandora, etc.

I hope this helps. If you are still having problem accessing some sites using YouHide, please let us know in the comments and we will help you out.

Update: The website seems to have been discontinued.

Edit: You can also try Air Proxy, it is similar to YouHide.

Note: The original YouHide domain was youhide.com but it has been down due to unknown reasons, I have updated this post to add another service of the same name which is YouHide.biz


    • If it doesn’t work for you, try Tor Browser, portable, and use it from USB.
      Don’t put anything onto computer you use Tor from. Work from USB Flash only.
      Befor experimenting with settings, read Tor Project site.

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