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Zocail TV : Watch The Most Shared Videos On Facebook And Twitter

Video content is easily some of the most engaging type of content online and every day or every other week you hear about a new video going viral. For people who don’t visit YouTube daily, are not active on Twitter and haven’t heard of Reddit, viral videos likely reach you long after the buzz behind them has died down. While it isn’t as much about being the last one in on the joke, knowing which videos are being viewed the most is an easy way to find interesting video content.  Wouldn’t it be great if you found a list of top rated videos that the world is watching right now? Zocial.tv is a web app that brings you trending videos from multiple categories, posted on Facebook and Twitter, and that, too, organized by weeks and months. If you’re bored and looking for some entertainment, then Zocail.tv is the right site for you to visit. It helps you discover the Top 25 most popular videos for the day, week or month, and covers the usual categories along with ones that focus on education, non-profits and animals.

The app is user-friendly and offers categories such as Music, Games, News, Autos, Comedy, Howto, Nonprofit, Animals, Shows, People, Education, Film, Sports, Tech and Entertainment. You can view a consolidated list of top 25 videos trending in all these categories or any one of them. Sharing is easy, too. Just click your social network displayed right next to the current video to share. You will need to log in to your respective social network.


The top left part of the web app’s interface is taken up by a standard YouTube video player that by default displays the top trending video that you can click to play. When you select a different video, it is replaces the current one. There does not appear to be an option for creating a playlist by selecting videos from different categories. The sidebar shows related videos with thumbnails. Hover your mouse cursor over a thumbnail to see the video title, and click to view it.


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There does not appear to be a way of distinguishing which site or network a video is trending on. A filter would be a nice addition to the app as well as a way to create playlists. Watch and discover the latest videos being posted from all around the world at Zocial.tv. Visit the site to explore more.

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