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3 Productive Ways To Use Snapchat

Snapchat is an exceptionally popular messaging app. It distinguishes itself from other messaging apps by focusing on photos to send a message. You have the option to send text messages but Snapchat is a photo heavy messaging platform. It encourages you to share the exciting moments of your life, or what you’re currently doing, with your friends. You can of course broadcast a collection of photos as a story to everyone and let them know what you’re up to. Even if you’re not looking for a new messaging app, Snapchat is something you can use productively as well. Here’s three ways to use Snapchat productively.

Giving Directions

Google Maps makes it pretty easy to share your location and help your friends find your house, a restaurant, or a business. For locations that aren’t so easy to find with just Google Maps or friends who have trouble following directions, you can use Snapchat. The app can be used to snap photos of major points that you pass to get to a certain location. Add helpful text like ‘turn left’ or ‘keep going straight’ at major road signs or markers that you pass and share it with friends or as your story so they can follow it easily.

A Better Grocery List

If you’ve ever had someone else do your grocery shopping for you, it might not have turned out so well. You can tell someone to buy milk but if you prefer a certain brand you have to write them a nightmare of grocery list. An easier way to create a grocery list is to just use Snapchat. You can take a photo of the item you need to buy and add the name. Whoever does the grocery shopping can match the packaging with the item they’re buying.

snapchat-directions asnapchat-grocery-list

Cataloging & Indexing

Snapchat has a neat My Eyes Only feature. It lets you move stories to a private section that only you can see. You can use to maintain a catalog or index of items you’ve put away in storage. You can use it to document the contents of a box you’ve packed for storage, you can even use to keep track of the shoes you’ve put away for winter (or summer). This allows you to know what’s in a box without having to open it. Snapchat let’s you add text for any further description you might need.

Do you use Snapchat for anything other than messaging your friends?


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