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Add Genre, Composer, Or Compilation Tabs To The iOS Music App

The albums tab on the Music app on my iPhone is useless for me. I don’t remember album names. I mostly jump between the songs list and the artists’ list to find a song to play. What would make it easier for me to select songs is if I can jump straight to the Genre list and listen to the kind of music I’m in the mood for. It isn’t impossible to do; just tap the more button at the bottom right of the Music app and select Genre. If like me, you find Genre, (or Composer, or Compilation) are tabs that would be far more useful to you on the app’s main screen instead of hidden away behind the More button, here’s how you can sweep one of those tabs with the default ones.

Open the Music app (not to be confused with the iTunes app) and tap the more button at the bottom right. The More screen will let you switch to the Albums, Compilations, Composers, or Genre tabs. Tap Edit at the top and you will see which tabs appear on the app in pink, and which ones you can add in grey in the form of their respective icons.

ios_more_music ios_music_tabs

You can only swap one out for the other which means the total number of tabs will remain four. You can change the order as well as which ones appear there. Needless to say you can’t substitute the ‘More’ tab for anything  and are restricted to choosing only four of the tabs but having them in your preferred order and your more frequently used ones on the main screen is better.

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