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Adjust The Focus After Taking A Photo On Your iPhone

iPhones have some of the best cameras you can find on a smartphone. The iPhone camera not only captures absolutely stunning photos but it also often outperforms stand alone digital cameras. It’s no surprise that iPhone users take a ton of photos or that the App Store has a dedicated category for photography related apps. Live Focus is a brand new iOS app available in the App Store for $1.99 and it is absolutely amazing. The app lets you capture photos and readjust the focus afterwards. Your phone must be running iOS 9 and above to use the app.

Install Live Focus and allow it access to your camera and photos. Point it at an object you want to photograph and hold the object in focus for as long as the app says. It’s not more than a few seconds. You will notice the object going in and then out of focus as the photo is captured. You can take as many photos as you want and then edit the focus after. All photos remain inside the app until you export/save them to your photos app.

To adjust the focus, use the slider at the bottom of the photo, or tap the photos button at the top right to go edit a previous photo. The photo editor has a similar slider that you can move to adjust the focus.

live focus live focus adjust

When you’re satisfied with what you’ve got, tap the check mark button, and then the ‘Share’ button to save it to your photos. Live Focus also has a neat GIF feature that will save the photo going in and out of focus as a GIF to your photos app.

This app is awesome. When you point it at an object it captures it in the various focal points the camera supports. You then have the freedom to select the correct focus at a later time. This means you can simply take photos without worrying about them being out of focus. It makes for faster photo captures simply because you aren’t preoccupied with the focus which often jumps around on the slightest change in light. It’s well worth its price tag and then some. This is an app you want to take to a party with you.

Install Live Focus From The App Store

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