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How To Disable The Volume On Screen Display In Windows 10

When you increase or decrease the volume on Widows 10, or mute/unmute your speakers, an on screen display alerts you to the change in volume. It appears at the top left of the screen and stays on the screen for a minimum of five seconds. The alert appears on top of everything else you have open and because it’s a system alert and part of the OS, there isn’t much you can do about it. It can’t be repositioned, it can’t be disabled, and it can’t be sent to the back of all active windows. If you don’t like it though you have a few options to make it less annoying such as using Volume Step Adjuster. It’s a free Windows app that lets you adjust the incremental values by which the volume increases and decreases but it also hides the on screen display you get when you change the volume.

Install and run Volume Step Adjuster, increase or decrease the volume and the on screen display will no longer appear. The app works entirely in the background. If you ever want to disable it and get the volume change display back you will need to quit the app from the Task Manager.


Volume Step Adjuster isn’t without its shortcomings. While it can effectively disable the on screen display for changes in volume it doesn’t hide it when you mute/unmute the volume on your system.

By default, when you have Volume Step Adjuster running, volume increases and decreases by 2%. You can of  course change this but it isn’t easy since there is no UI for the app. You will instead have to edit the app’s files to do so.

Install Volume Step Adjuster


  1. You say it appears for a few seconds but mine is appearing and NEVER GOING AWAY. It is in the way of web pages, movies I try to view and basically annoying. I didn’t adjust anything. It just appeared this morning when I booted up the computer and won’t go away. I’ve rebooted, tried closing everything, even used task manager to close things I didn’t recognize. But there it is… right in the fucking way! Windows 10 is a piece of shit.

  2. I simply hate when I ask one question and whomever wrote this crap talks like they know what they’re talking about but in fact… THEY’RE NOT ANSWERING THE FRIGGING QUESTION I ASKED!!!! Now don’t you dare open another page that says, “Was this page helpful?”

    • oh my fuckin god dude, same!

      like, i’ve been lookin all over for a solution (as the fucking volume bar covers up the controls at the top in VOCALOID4) and the only thing i’m getting is “install [insert program name here]” and it’s like “fuck man, Toon Boom Harmony+Storyboard/VOCALOID4+Luka all take up like most of my hard drive space, you think i can just install some new shit all willy-nilly like that?”

      what i’ve found, though, is that in the registry, under the keys for the current user, you can fuck with stuff you can set in the settings app, under accessibility, there’s ‘messageduration’, which corresponds to the times you can set for notifcation duration, i’ve personally been fucking about with this trying to get it to use 1 second (or 0 seconds) and thus have the stupid fucking popup only show for a fraction of the time it shows by default… i’ll probably report back later to say if it works or not… and yes, i know i’m multiple years late at this point and you’ve likely found a solution by now, but ya know, lol.

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