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Amazon’s TV Shows & Movie Streaming App Instant Video Comes To iPhone

You might think that Netflix and Hulu are the only viable options available for streaming movies and TV shows in high quality, but Amazon Instant Video is a service that is not far behind these two giants in this regard. You can purchase a season pass for your favorite shows and if you are a prime Amazon member, the whole database of the service is at your disposal. With such reasonable packages and quick availability of new episodes, Amazon Instant Video can certainly give its competitors a run for their money. This service is specially friendly towards mobile users, with an iOS app present in the iTunes store for quite a while. Until now, however, Instant Video was available for iPad only. Since the app touts seamless playback syncing between devices as its major feature, the lack of an iPhone client was really frustrating for Amazon subscribers. Now though, the wait is over and Amazon’s huge video collection has arrived for iPhone and iPod touch.

Amazon Instant Video iOS Home Amazon Instant Video iOS Series Amazon Instant Video iOS Collection

You will need an Amazon account to use the app, and it is not possible to register for one from within the app. If you are an existing user (or have created a new account just for Instant Video), signing in will take you to the app’s ‘Home’ page. Here, you will see separate sections for popular TV shows, movies and categories like Children’s Programs, Sci-Fi and Premiers. Each entry has its own page from where you can view details regarding individual episodes and seasons, or watch free trailers. To make sure you don’t miss the next episode of your favorite show, add it your watchlist. If the movie or show you are looking for isn’t listed among the popular ones, you can search for it by hitting the last button in the bottom bar.

Amazon Instant Video iOS Genre Amazon Instant Video iOS Filters

Amazon Instant Video offers some great sorting and filtering options; simply go to a particular category and hit the ‘Genre’ button in the top-left corner. The app can be used to play videos you already own, as well as local media. All this can be done in the ‘Library’ section of Instant Video.

While watching a video on your iPhone, you can resume it from where you let it off, thanks to Amazon’s Whispersync technology. This means the resume function syncs playback across iOS, Android and other devices.

Despite all its usefulness, Amazon Instant Video has a rather annoying shortcoming too – the app does not play nice with jailbroken devices (no stream worked on our jailbroken iPhone 4). Everything else is fine and even if you are not an Amazon Prime member, the app is worth a download just because of its video management options and free trailers. Grab the app from the link below if you live in the US.

Download Amazon Instant Video For iOS

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