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Any.DO For Android & iOS Gets New ‘Moment’ Feature & DashClock Support

Any.DO is a cross-platform to-do list and task management app for Android and iOS best known for its elegant interface, gesture-based controls and the ability to keep your tasks synced online. The app has just been updated in the Play Store as well as iTunes App Store with a brand new feature called Any.DO Moment – a personal virtual assistant of sorts that keeps you informed about your upcoming tasks for the day and lets you plan them accordingly. Once scheduled, the Moment feature will automatically notify you about your various tasks listed for the day through a beautifully designed, animated UI. Using various task management options at hand, you can then check out all the upcoming tasks in a chronological order, reschedule them for some other time of the day, mark them as done, postpone them to a user-specified time, or delete them from your to-do list altogether. Apart from the newly introduced Moment feature, the latest update also brings several other goodies and performance improvements to both the supported platforms. Details to follow.

Firstly, iOS users can relish the addition of the recurring reminders feature, as they no longer have to manually feed in all the details regarding an already-added event again and again. In addition, they can email their to-do tasks to ‘do@any.do’ and view them in their Any.DO mobile app. Both these features have already been available to Android users.


On the other hand, Android users get to enjoy the fresh looks of the revamped reminders screen. Our Polish and Portuguese (Brazil) speaking friends are bound to welcome the addition of their languages, and if you happen to be a DashClock Widget user, you can add the Any.DO extension to your favorite Android 4.2 Jelly Bean lockscreen widget to keep a close tab on the number of upcoming tasks for the day.


However, the biggest addition in the entire update remains the Any.DO Moment feature that is available to both Android and iOS users. As per the scheduled time, the Moment popup card appears on your screen (only within the app on iOS and anywhere in the OS on Android), reminding you of the next upcoming task(s) of the day, and allowing you to handle them as required. To manually access this feature, just navigate to the ‘Plan’ option in the app. To configure the settings of this feature, head over to the Settings > Any.DO Moment settings screen on your device and specify the scheduling preferences according to your liking.


When the scheduled time approaches, the app will display a compact Any.DO popup card at the bottom of the screen. You can dismiss the card, snooze the reminder, or head over to the day planning screen and decide if you want to change the original settings for any task that has already been scheduled for the day.

As ever, the app is available for free ion both iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Download links to both the variants are provided below.

Download Any.DO For Android

Download Any.DO For iOS

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