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App Map For iPhone Shows Most Used Apps In A Region For The Current Day

Recently, we covered Hubbl, an app discovery client for iOS that allowed users to come across interesting apps by showing a sky-like view of recommendations. App Map is a pretty similar app, but it focuses on your location rather than providing a fancy view of app suggestions. This iPhone app allows you to view the apps that have been popular among other users from a particular region for the current day. You can use App Map to see the rankings of apps in your country, or any region of your interest. The app can also be used to find apps that are similar to the ones you have on your iDevice. The list of apps you are currently using will be made visible by App Map to other users of the service who are nearby. Don’t worry though, this will be done anonymously, and the app will not be accessing any of your app data.

App Map Popular App Map Me App Map Search

App Map does not ask its users to sign up for an app-specific account as all the data gathered by it is supposed to be anonymous. To get started, you just have to launch the app and allow App Map to access your current location. The Popular tab provides a general idea of app usage in different countries. While it would have been more convenient if App Map came with the option of searching for a particular country, the map view on offer isn’t too bad either.

The World map shown at the top of the popular screen displays the top apps in several countries. You can scroll across the map, or pinch to zoom in to a particular region. The area below the map shows the overall rankings of apps worldwide. Tapping any app on the map will take you its position in the ranking table. The Nearby section of App Map is pretty similar to the Popular one, and displays the map of your region.

The Me menu is the area where all apps currently being used on your iPhone are listed. The app generates suggestions based on the genre of each entry in the list, and you can also ask for suggestions for any other category using the search menu.

App Map may not have as many features to offer as other apps of its kind, but its way of letting users discover new apps is certainly unique. Now, what concerns me is that with Apple killing off Chomp and reportedly planning to do away with similar app discovery services, apps like App Map and Hubbl might be next in line. For now, however, both apps are available on the App Store and working without problems.

App Map is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch and is available for free.

Download App Map For iOS

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