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How to Take Notes on iPad: Top 2 Methods

If you’re an iPad user who wants to know how to take notes on the iPad, check out this blog to learn the best ways.

No matter how accustomed you are to taking notes on paper, you can now ditch it and start using your iPad for taking notes. iPad comes with a robust Notes app that allows you to quickly write down your thoughts, without wasting any paper or affecting the environment.

This app allows you to take notes using Apple Pencil or even your finger. However, you need to know the right technique to do so. Read on this blog to learn how to take notes on iPad.

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How to Take Notes on iPad

As you know, Apple’s iPad has a multitude of uses. Of which, one common one is note-taking. In fact, the iPad replaced the use of pen and paper for note-taking to a certain extent. Besides using the Notes app, you can also write notes on the lock screen and Quick Notes on iPad.

However, remember that you need to have a compatible Apple Pencil that suits your iPad model to be able to take notes.

1. Take Notes Using Notes App

The most seamless way to take notes on your iPad is to use the Apple Notes app. Open the app, and tap the New Note/Compose button, located at the top-right corner. That’s it. You can start writing or taking notes using your pencil.

You don’t even need to choose the Apple Pencil icon before using it either. Selecting the icon will make additional tools appear so you can change how the Apple Pencil will function, such as erasure, marker, or ink color.

One of the coolest features of the Notes app is it can automatically identify handwritten text. Hence, you can easily copy your handwriting as text. Moreover, you can make the iPad automatically convert your handwriting into the text as you write by enabling the pen tool with an “A” on it.

2. Take Notes Using Quick Notes

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If you use an iPad device with iPadOS 15, you must be familiar with the feature named Quick Notes. You can easily start using this app by swiping towards the middle of the screen from the bottom-right corner.

It saves you from opening the Notes ass when you are in a hurry and can’t miss writing down the idea you have on your mind. As you open the Quick Notes, the last note will appear by default. If you don’t want to continue with this, you can create a new note by tapping on the compose button

To access all the Quick Notes, you need to navigate to the Notes app and go to the folder named Quick Notes.

Concluding Words

If you own an iPad, you can easily replace your notebook with it for taking notes on the go. iPad comes with a Notes app that allows you to write down things with an Apple pencil or your fingers.

Following the methods mentioned here, you will have no trouble taking notes on your iPad, no matter which model you use. Besides knowing how to take notes on iPad, you might be interested to know where are downloads on iPad device.

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