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How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods: 6 Best Methods to Try

Apple AirPods are premium quality wireless earphones with amazing features like Siri, touch control, and active noise canceling. Active noise cancellation is specifically helpful in noisy spaces.

Read on to learn how to turn on noise cancelling on AirPods so that you can concentrate on work, exercise sessions, yoga, or simply listen to music.



How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods: Android

  • Activate the Bluetooth service on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Connect the AirPods.
  • Now, insert the AirPods into your ears.
  • Just long-press the Force Sensor on both the AirPods. 
  • You’ll find it on the stem of your AirPods.
  • Now, you’ll hear a little chime confirming the activation of noise cancelation.
  • Press and hold the Force Sensor again to deactivate this feature.  

How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods: iOS

Activate Noise Cancelling Using Force Sensor

  • Connect the AirPods with your iPhone or iPad.
  • Long press the Force Sensor on any of the AirPods until you hear a short chime.
  • The chime ensures the activation of noise cancelling.

Switch On Noise Cancelling Using Settings

  • Ensure the AirPods are in sync with your iPad or iPhone.
  • Now, open the Settings app and access the Bluetooth center.
  • Locate the connected AirPods and then tap on the (i) icon.
  • You’ll discover Transparency, Off, and Noise Cancellation.
  • Tap on Noise Cancellation to activate the feature.

How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods using iOS

How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods: Windows

If you use your AirPods by connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled Windows computer, don’t worry. You can also activate noise cancellation from Windows devices.

Simply follow the steps mentioned in the Android section, earlier in this article, to engage or disengage the active noise cancellation feature of Apple AirPods. 

How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on AirPods: macOS

The easiest way to turn on the noise cancelling on AirPods is via the macOS Sound control. Here’s how:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your macOS PC and then connect the AirPods.
  • Now, select the Sound control option from the macOS menu bar.
  • The context menu will show Sound and Output Device.
  • Under the Output Device section, you must find the AirPods.
  • Left-click on the AirPods to reveal three options: Off, Noise Cancellation, and Transparency. 
  • Select Noise Cancellation to turn it on.
  • When not required, follow the above steps and click on the Noise Cancellation option again to deactivate it.

Another way of activating noise cancellation from a macOS device is by using the AirPods’ Force Sensor. However, you need to follow these steps to activate the onboard feature:

  • While the AirPods are in sync with the macOS, go to System Preference > Bluetooth.
  • Click on the Options button next to the connected AirPods.
  • Select Noise Control for the Press and Hold Left AirPod option.
  • Now select all the toggling options: Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and Off.
  • Select Done to complete the process. 

Final Words

You can follow any of the above methods to switch on active noise cancelling on your AirPods. You can use the iOS-based or onboard methods when traveling or working out. Alternatively, desktop-based methods are suitable for the workplace. 

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