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AssistantEnhancer Adds Loads Of New Siri Commands To Your iPhone

In the past, a lot of Cydia tweaks have claimed to take Siri to the next level, but the addition of just one or two features is rarely enough to call it the next level. For AssistantEnhancer, however, the title of a steroid injection for Siri might be justified. The tweak offers more new features for Siri than Apple added to the talking personal assistant in iOS 6. The main focus of AssistantEnhancer is to enrich Siri with music controls for apps like Pandora and Spotify, but the other options it offers are equally important as well. Thanks to this tweak, you can view system information, make Siri bookmark your present location with a single verbal command, and ask it to perform searches within the App Store, or for particular images. There’s a lot more that AssistantEnhancer can do, so keep reading for details.

AssistantEnhancer iOS Settings AssistantEnhancer iOS Spotify

AssistantEnhancer adds a new menu of its own to the stock Settings app, but most of its options get integrated with Siri automatically without requiring any configuration. In the tweak’s menu, you get to define the phone number that Siri should dial in an emergency. By default, Apple doesn’t allow Siri to dial 911, but AssistantEnhancer lets you bypass this rule with ease.

The next option is to toggle on the ‘Local Events’ feature. Through this option, Siri gains the ability to look for concerts and other events taking place in your area (much like Google Now). To add some more convenience to your life, AssistantEnhancer offers the ‘Popular Website Shortcuts’ toggle that makes Siri launch well-known websites by merely speaking their common name.

AssistantEnhancer supports Spotify, Pandora and GrooveShark in addition to the stock iOS Music app. Once you have configured your accounts in the tweak’s settings, Siri can launch certain songs or playlists from these apps, let you navigate to different radio stations in Pandora, or even listen to a particular genre of music simply by requesting Siri to “play <playlist/station name>” or “play the top song from my playlist”.

AssistantEnhancer iOS Battery AssistantEnhancer iOS App AssistantEnhancer iOS Image

The developer page of AssistantEnhancer in Cydia provides a complete description of the kind of commands the tweak can handle. You can say things like “Search Google for AddictiveTips”, or performing a voice search query within the App Store, Amazon, eBay or Urban Dictionary to find relevant content there. You can’t do a lot of system-level stuff with the tweak, apart from asking for the exact battery percentage and your device’s memory. You can, however, ask Siri to free your device’s memory and it will do that. An interesting feature of AssistantEnhancer is its ability to show an image related to any term. Simply say “Show me a picture of” followed by your query, and the image is displayed within the Siri interface.

Another great feature is the tweak’s ability to bookmark locations. Whenever you are at a location that you don’t want to forget in the future, say “Remember where I parked, Siri”, and you will never forget the location where you parked your car in a busy parking lot.

Despite all its awesomeness, the tweak suffers from a few minor bugs as well. During our testing, a few commands caused the device to respring. AssistantEnhancer is based on the AssistantExtensions platform, and the developer warns users to toggle off the ‘SBToggles’ and ‘Standard’ options before using Siri after the tweak’s installation.

AssistantEnhancer is available in the BigBoss repo of Cydia Store for $1.99, but the price tag is completely justified when you look at the kind of functionalities that are on offer, making it worth a purchase for everyone with a Siri-enabled device on iOS 5 or iOS 6.

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  1. The tweak that this relies upon AssistantExtensions does NOT work with iOS 6 yet. It will cause crashes very often. Do not purchase this until the author of the pre-req fixes it. Unfortunately, said author has not responded to a support request asking that he set the appropriate Cydia flags to prevent users from loading it on iOS6 until he gets it updated.

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