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View & Manage iOS 7 Notifications Right Off App Icons With Badger 7

The long way that iOS has come over the last (almost) seven years, and the fact that jailbreaking initiated pretty much around the same time, has made certain tweaks and jailbroken apps such common knowledge that they barely need an introduction. Any jailbreak aficionado will be well versed in the likes of Mobile (now Cydia) Substrate, SBSettings, Activator, Winterboard and the like. Then there are certain tweaks out there that may not be as famous as the aforementioned ones, but still much favored and anxiously awaited by the jailbreak community. Badger is one such example, which, until recently, was only available for devices running versions of iOS 6. That changed with the release of Badger 7, which made the neat notification handler not only compatible with iOS 7, but also gave the tweak a much needed aesthetic overhaul, making its integration into the OS more balanced and smoother. Details just past the jump.

Badger 7 (2)  Badger 7 (5)

For those who don’t already know, Badger is a tweak that basically allows you to associate an Activator gesture with notifications, allowing you to view push notifications from any app using an Activator gesture and without actually launching said app. The tweak makes use of iOS’ native notification center for fetching these notifications, and depending on the level of support for the app, will even allow you to perform certain actions with said notifications (like replying to messages using a Quick Reply dialog in case of the stock Messages app). Otherwise, you can dismiss notifications easily, and almost universally.

Badger 7 (6) Badger 7 (8) Badger 7 (1)

The way Badger 7 displays notifications is also pretty cool, dimming the background and displaying notifications over the Springboard clutter-free. Performing the Activator gesture (default is swiping up) on the app’s icon pulls up the notification panel. whilst swiping individual notification items towards the left will bring the quick actions menu (as shown in the screenshot above). The available options will, of course, vary from app to app.

Since Badger doesn’t have a Springboard icon of its own, the tweak adds a row to the iOS native Settings app, where a variety of choices are available to change the Activator gesture and modify the look and feel of the tweak, which include control over the blur amount, darkness control, enabling pull to refresh, including the notification count badge when Badger is invoked, among a few others.

Badger 7 (3) Badger 7 (4)

Badger 7 is one of the most useful Cydia tweaks for jailbroken iPhones that I have ever come across. Even though the tweak will cost you $1.49, it makes it worth the dime owing to my usage pattern, which is really notification heavy. Then again, it will remain a matter of personal preference and choice. It’s up for grabs at the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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  1. I like your articles, but whenever you do something concerning mobile OS’s, you tend to have some aspect visually customized and it makes people confused as to what the addons you’re describing does. I was highly turned off by the monospace font you’re using and almost didn’t read about the addon.

    Perhaps set to stock or use an iPod Touch to do the screenshot demos?

    Just some constructive criticism!

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