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Bamboo Loop Combines Collaborative Drawing & Picture Messaging On iOS

Draw Something has enjoyed a lot of fame on iOS, and many people are still using it to laugh at the sketching skills of their friends. I play the game quite regularly, and there are times when a given drawing becomes more about getting a message across rather than winning a point. When you stop and think about it, a photo can convey a lot more than a paragraph of text (or as the saying goes, equal to a thousand words). With modern messengers, you can send photos as attachments with your messages, and one or two options are available for fans of doodling as well. Released by Wacom – the popular maker of styluses and graphics tablets – the new Bamboo Loop might look like a photo editor at first glance, but it is actually a messaging app. You can doodle on your favorite photos or beautiful background textures, and send these end results to any of your friends. Your friends can then send your creation back to you by making changes and additions of their own, thereby creating a loop of interaction.

Bamboo Loop Styles Bamboo Loop Colors Bamboo Loop Receive

You need to sign up for a new account before using Bamboo Loop. Registration is possible via Facebook and email. To get the most out of Bamboo Loop, invite some of your friends to start using the app, although cards that you create can be sent to others via email as well.

Tap the first option in the bottom bar if you want to scribble your message over a photo. Images can be loaded from the camera roll, or snapped from the camera right from within the app. There is also the possibility of doodling over the default background that shows up in Bamboo Loop. The effects in loop are a combination of image filters and frames. More than half a dozen are available for free, while more can be unlocked via in-app purchases.

To doodle or write over the picture, long-press the pen icon and choose the color and brush thickness you want to use. There aren’t too many choices there, but the available ones should be enough to go with most images. Bamboo Loop also supports undoing and erasing sketched parts.

Finished loops can be sent to any contact from your address book, your Facebook friends, or by email ID. People who are also using Bamboo Loop get to reply to your messages by editing them or giving the photo a spin of their own. Loops can also be forwarded to others, just like text messages.

There are other tools that take a more professional approach towards letting people team up to create sketches, but collaborative drawing for the purpose of messaging is a relatively fresh concept. Although the app works just fine with fingers, the developer has recommended its use with a stylus from Wacom for even better results. Give the free iPhone/iPod touch-optimized app a shot at the link below.

Download Bamboo Loop For iOS

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