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Batch Share iPhone Photos In Full Resolution With beamr

Everyone knows that if you want to compress your photos before sharing, there has to be some compromise on quality. JPEGmini is a service that seemingly defies this norm and compresses images without causing any degradation in quality as seen from the human eye. While you can transfer photos from iPhone to your computer and then use JPEGmini, the developers behind the service offer their own beamr app for users who want to batch share photos in full resolution right from iOS devices. beamr shares images in a magazine-like interface, and the recipients can download all the photos in a particular album in high definition. The app has sharing options that include email, Facebook and Twitter. beamr also solves the longstanding problem of the stock Mail app’s lack of support for multiple attachments in a single message.

beamr iOS Select beamr iOS Cover beamr iOS Shelf

One great thing about beamr is its simplicity. There are no boring tutorials and you don’t have to sign up for any sort of account. Just launch the app and hit the left button in the bottom bar. This section of the app lists all the photos present in the camera roll of your device. Simply select the images you want to add to a batch, and then hit the ‘Cover’ button located in the top-right corner.

Any image from the batch can be set as the cover photo of your magazine; just swipe across the screen until the desired picture shows up. To edit the cover title and other text appearing on the page, hit the red info icon. You can change the issue date, credits and of course, the title. Once you are done, you will see the sharing screen. beamr keeps all your past shares accessible on its shelf, from where you can easily re-share any album.

beamrIf you mail a beamr link to someone, the recipient can view the shared magazine in their web browser. Even before opening the mag, there is an option to download all photos in the album. Inside the magazine, photos are displayed in the form of a grid. You can like any image, or view it in full-screen mode. When the photo is expanded, you will also get the ‘HD Download’ option for it.

beamr is a free app, and we can confirm that all the images shared through it retain their original resolution. The app is optimized for iPhone / iPod touch, and you can grab it from the following link.

Download beamr For iOS

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