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biteSMS For iPhone Updated With A New Quick Compose NC Widget & More

Whenever I jailbreak an iPhone, biteSMS is among the first Cydia apps I download. It offers so much in terms of convenience that once you get used to biteSMS, it becomes nearly impossible to go back to the stock Messages app in iOS. Having said that, some other tweaks in the jailbreak store have recently starting coming up with decent alternatives to the features available in biteSMS. Fortunately, the team behind biteSMS isn’t resting on its laurels, and are always looking to make the famous app even better than it already is. Quick Compose is the feature of biteSMS that has managed to attract most fans to the app, and with the app’s latest update, it has become even better! In addition to a plethora of performance improvements and bug fixes, the beta version of biteSMS 7.6 also comes with a brand new Notification Center widget. This widget provides shortcuts that can be used to quickly get in touch with your favorite contacts.

biteSMS NC biteSMS NC Favorites biteSMS Deliver

The new Quick Compose widget from biteSMS is slightly reminiscent of the previously covered Compose tweak, but the new release is better-looking and has more usefulness. Rather than simply opening a new message window, the biteSMS widget houses shortcuts for all the contacts you have in your Favorites list. This list consists of all the contacts you have bookmarked from the stock Phone app. So, this means there is almost no need for any configuration, and you have to simply enable the tweak to get started. The tweak’s enable toggle is located where the controls for all NC widgets usually reside, i.e. inside the ‘Notifications’ section of the stock Settings app. To send an iMessage or SMS to any of the contacts in the widget list, simply tap the appropriate thumbnail.

Apart from the widget, biteSMS has received a few other small but significant changes. In a quick compose window, iMessage entries now display ‘Delivered’ and ‘Seen’ indicators – something that was hitherto missing. To keep things a bit neater, only photos from your favorite contacts show up in a quick reply or quick response window. The developer also claims that this is the most stable and efficient version of biteSMS to date.

In the default Cydia repo, biteSMS has just been bumped to 7.5, which doesn’t have the Quick Compose widget, but you can get your hands on 7.6 right now by adding the following beta repo to your Cydia sources:


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