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Change Video Playback Speed In Any iPhone Media App With FastForward

At first glance, the playback speed control in the Podcasts app for iOS might appear to many as nothing more than a novelty that doesn’t have any productive purpose, but there are many users who like speeding things up a bit to get the most out of informative podcasts in the shortest possible time. Of course, doing the same to a song might ruin it completely, but if a person is merely speaking, you can often afford to tinker with playback speed. Just like podcasts, there is some video content that might benefit users more if they can speed it up a little. Imagine you are looking at a recording of a presentation from work, or a lengthy lecture; increasing playback speed is likely to aid you to a large extent. By default, there is no way of changing the video playback speed in iOS, and all you can do is import the video to a third-party app that sports this feature. With FastForward though, it becomes possible to control the playback rate of videos shows in any app on your iPhone!

FastForward iOS Welcome FastForward iOS Apps FastForward iOS Settings

FastForward is the kind of tweak that could have operated well enough out of the stock Settings app, but it adds a new icon of its own to the SpringBoard. When you tap the icon for the first time, FastForward displays a dialog box with instructions to help new users get started.

To begin configuring FastForward, head to the ‘Settings’ tab. There is just one option here (unless you count all the support links). For some reason, you cannot slow down video playback speed using the tweak; if you enter a value that is less than 1 in the ‘Playback Rate’ field, it is automatically rounded off. However, it is possible to put any value larger than one in this field, although it is advisable to avoid exceeding 2.

Once you have configured the amount by which the playback rate is increased, it is time to choose the apps that FastForward will affect. You can go for the ‘Enable All Apps’ option and make the tweak’s jurisdiction universal, or handpick only a few apps that the change will apply to.

Although FastForward supports most apps, it can’t be said that it works for every iOS app available in the App Store. If an app isn’t compatible with the tweak, you won’t get any warning, but the video playback in it might stop working altogether until you disable FastForward for that app. Apart from this little flaw, FastForward works pretty well, and is available as a free download. You can grab it by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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