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How to configure hot corners on an iPad

iPadOS 13.4 has improved mouse support. You can customize the appearance of the pointer and you can now configure hot corners on an iPad. This feature works a lot like it does on macOS but, it is an accessibility feature. To that end, you have to enable a few of them in order to get it to work. Here’s how you can enable and configure hot corners on an iPad.

This feature only works on devices that can run iPadOS 13.4

Enable hot corners on iPad

First, connect a mouse to the iPad. Once it’s connected, and you see the little round pointer, open the Settings app and go to Accessibility>Touch>AssistiveTouch. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Hot Corners.

You can configure four hot corners, one for each corner of the screen. Tap each one, and select the action you want to execute. You can set a corner to show the Dock, the Home screen, the app switcher, the Control Center, lock the screen, and more.

Once the hot corners have been set up, you need to enable two other settings. Return to the AssistiveTouch screen on the Setting app. Turn on ‘AssistiveTouch’, and then scroll down to the ‘Dwell’ switch and turn it on as well.

 Using hot corners on iPad

The hot corners on the iPad are similar but not the exact same as those on macOS. On an iPad, a hot corner is not executed when you move the pointer to a hot corner, or when you click it. Instead, you need to move the pointer to the corner, and wait for it to be detected. The pointer will grow a bit bigger and you will see a little progress circle around it. When it completes, the hot corner will be executed.

The downside of this feature is that you have to have AssistiveTouch enabled and it’s floating button is going to be on your screen. If you use your iPad with a mouse and keyboard, the floating button may or may not be a problem. It all comes down to personal preference. If you do find it annoying, you don’t have much recourse. You cannot use Hot Corners without AssistiveTouch.

If the duration for the hot corner execution is too long (or too short), you can change that from the very last setting on the AssistiveTouch screen. It’s labeled 2.00 seconds and the plus/minus buttons under it allow you to change it.

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