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How to test mouse buttons

A mouse is a fairly simple peripheral that most people use every day. They’re plug & play devices and you only need a specific driver for them if the mouse is a gaming mouse with more than the traditional two buttons an ordinary mouse has. The gaming mouse might still work as a basic mouse without its proprietary drivers. These devices are sturdy and tend to last years. If a button on your mouse has suddenly stopped working, you might want to check if it’s a hardware problem or a software one. Here’s how you can test mouse buttons.

Test mouse buttons

You can test if all your mouse buttons are working with a web app. There are quite a few of them. If you have a simple mouse i.e., the kind with two buttons (left and right), and a scroll wheel, use Mouse Test.

Visit the website and position your cursor over the mouse diagram. Click the buttons on your mouse, click with the mouse wheel, and scroll a bit.

If a button you click doesn’t light up on the diagram, it means that particular button isn’t working. This app appears to be able to test for a gaming mouse as well since the diagram depicts a mouse with more than just the usual two buttons.

If the buttons are all working but it doesn’t register in an app, you might want to check if an event is triggered when you click a button. We recommend using the Browser Mouse Event Test Page.

The website can detect when a mouse button is pressed when it is released, and what event is registered. You can use it to test all the buttons on your mouse, including the middle click. It will not check the mouse’s scroll.

If the mouse buttons are all working but they won’t work in a particular app, it is possible that the app is blocking it. This isn’t something that apps normally do so if you have an app like that on your system, check its settings. There may be a specific option for enabling mouse functionality in it.

If the mouse buttons aren’t registered on either of the websites, your mouse is probably broken. You can try having it repaired. They aren’t complicated to fix and it shouldn’t be too expensive. You can also buy a new mouse depending on what is more cost-efficient for you.

Need to test a keyboard’s buttons? There are web apps for it too.

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