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How To Create Story Highlights On Instagram

Instagram has a new feature called Story highlights. It’s a lot like featured albums on Facebook except it’s a way to immortalize your Instagram stories beyond their 24 hour lifespan. If you have a Instagram story that you’re particularly proud of, you can add it to your highlights. You can create several story highlights on Instagram and assign titles to them. The feature is rolling out to users worldwide. Here’s how to create story highlights on Instagram.

Share A Story

In order to create story highlights on Instagram, you have to create a story first. If you plan on creating a highlight after the story has expired, archive it. This is another feature that’s rolled out alongside story highlights.

Archive Instagram Story

The archive story option is enabled by default. All you have to do is add an image to your story and Instagram will archive it. To view archived imaged, go to your profile tab, and tap the arrow button at the top right. You can see both archived posts and archived stories. Tap the Archive dropdown to select Stories. You can disable archiving stories from Instagram’s settings.

Create Story Highlights

There are two ways to create story highlights in Instagram. The first, and quick way allows you to add your current story to a highlight. If you want to include older, archived stories in your highlights, you’re going to have to go the long route.

To quickly add the current image from your story to a highlight tap your profile picture at the top of your Home tab to view your story. Each photo has a new ‘Highlight’ button. Tap it, and select the highlight you want to add the story to.

To add archived stories to a story highlight, go to your Profile tab, and tap the arrow button at the top right. Tap the more options button and from the menu that opens, select ‘Create highlight’. Select the archived stories you want to add to the highlight.

Give your highlight a name, and you’re done. It will appear under your profile and will be visible to you, and anyone that follows you.

This is the second feature that Instagram has rolled out in the past few weeks that isn’t ripping off something from Snapchat. The app recently added a feature that lets your friends join your live Instagram video. It’s already expanded on that feature and you can now request to join a live video instead of waiting for an invite from your friend.

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  1. If I hid my story from certain people before and choose to then show my stories to them again, can they see my IG story posts in my highlights from when I hid my stories from them?

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