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DJ Player Brings Filters, Effects & Great Music Mixing Tools To iOS

Garage Band pretty much kills the competition when it comes to apps that can be used to create new music using iOS devices, but even Apple’s famous music app might not be enough if you actually want to DJ a party. There are a few nice apps available in the App Store for that purpose, but most of them don’t offer tools that come anywhere near professional music mixing software. Even when they do, either the price tag is too high, or there are restrictions on using tracks from your own iPhone’s library. DJ Player is an app that comes with a slew of music effects, sound filters and a full suite of mixing tools, all at the unbeatable price tag of free for a limited time. There are a couple of decks for making remixes, meaning you can run two songs side by side and apply the effects of your choice to each one separately. Apart from all the music mixing stuff, the app also has some extra awesomeness like gyro-based controls and intelligent background themes that change automatically based on the time of the day.

DJ Player iPhone Tracks DJ Player iPhone Settings

When DJ Player is launched for the first time, you will see a list of songs imported from your music library. The app lets its users sort these tracks based on artist, BPM, albums and song duration. There is also a search bar that lets you find songs in the blink of an eye. Before you jump straight ahead to selecting the tracks for mixing though, head over to the ‘More’ section and configure the app according to your needs. There is also a ‘Social’ tab that can be used to tweet song info, but the most useful part of the Settings menu is ‘Output’. Not only are there options for letting users decide the configuration mode, but you can also choose audio settings just the way real DJs do.

DJ Player iPhone Deck DJ Player iPhone Adjust

Once you have selected a song, you will be taken to ‘Deck A’ for editing. The main screen has a slider for adjusting the pitch of the track, and you can also use the ‘Bend’ buttons if you want to be more precise in controlling it. Hit the little ‘Sync’ and ‘Rev’ buttons at either ends of the slider to switch between sound profiles. To help users keep their editing organized, there are the six cue buttons. A cue acts like a bookmark in a track, and you can quickly revert back to it using the appropriate button.

Tap the ‘Mixer’ button from the top bar in order to balance the audio for headphones or speakers. The same menu houses options for cross-fading, splitting the audio, and tweaking the sound gain of particular parts of the track.

DJ Player iPhone FX DJ Player iPhone Filters

The most amazing part of DJ Player is its ‘FX’ section. There are separate FX screens for both decks, so that users can work on their mixing independently. To change ‘Cup’ effects and add loops to a song, make use of the first two options in the bottom bar.  Values for ‘Space’, ‘Color’ and ‘Filter’ effects can be adjusted by sliding the small sphere over the graph, or you can opt for the more interesting accelerometer/gyroscope controls method. Tap and hold the left-hand bar, and you will enter accelerometer mode, letting you move the slider simply by tilting your device.

One limitation of DJ Player is that it is only meant for live playback, meaning you won’t be able to save the mixes you create. However, that shouldn’t be much of an issue since you can always take note of the settings for a particular track and reproduce them any time you want. Still, a record feature for playing back your remixes or sharing it with others for playback on any device would have been nice.

DJ Player is usually $4.99 but for the next few days, you can download this universal app for free by heading to the link below.

Download DJ Player For iOS

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