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Everything Wrong With iOS 8 In 450 Words or Less

We did a run down of killer features introduced by Apple in iOS since iOS 3 to date. We hoped to look at what great new features have been part of the offering that compels us to update to the next version. Likewise, it’s up to us to look at the dark side of things and by dark side we mean the awful bugs that are currently plaguing iOS 8 users. These aren’t the  simple bugs that you can overlook; they are recurring and annoying enough for Apple to promise iOS 8.0.1 to the masses in the near future. Take into consideration how long the company took to acknowledge the iPhone 5 had a faulty power button and offer a free fix for it and you know that the problems are real. So here it is, a brief overview of the bugs iOS 8 users are experiencing on various supported devices.


Devices Crashing

This bug is unheard of on an Apple phone or tablet. iPhones and iPads do not crash and seeing one do so is much like a Blue Humpback whale sighting. Unfortunately, lots of people who have upgraded an existing device to iOS 8 have been experiencing frequent device crashes as well as many apps crashing frequently. Devices on iOS 8 are displaying something like the blue screen of death screen before rebooting by themselves.

Slow Wifi

iOS 8 users are experiencing trouble with the WiFi on their devices with exceptionally slow speed and signals dropping frequently. Some solutions to the problem cited by users in forums include renewing the DHCP lease on the device and/or switching to WAP2 but it isn’t guaranteed to solve the problem and many users have tried it to no avail. Some users are unable to connect to a WiFi at all and that is bound to limit the use you can get out of your device.

Battery Drain

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have a better battery than its predecessors. If you own an older device that you have duly upgraded to iOS 8, it will be eating chunks of the battery as it runs (and crashes). There are also reports of the device heating up and powering off until it cools down.

Overflowing Screen Elements

iOS 8 users have seen lots of screen glitches with text the keyboard not fitting on the screen, the keyboard not appearing when a text field is tapped, the keyboard appearing over an app or screen, and more.


Apart from these four glaring issues, Safari is noted to not play videos on occasion, the native apps have been crashing and some users are even having trouble with iMessages. What bugs are you seeing?


  1. 3rd party keyboard integration muck sonkeyballs. switching from keyboard to emoji and then back sometimes in a never ending loop, then end up with the default keyboard.
    Crashes, application hangs, slow browsing to name a few.
    Notifications have more bugs than a kitchen nightmare special.
    I have had this screen in mail application recently trying to download the attachment.

  2. Please please please fix the overflowing screen elements. I attach a photo and then I can’t view the field to whom I want to enter to send to. And my apps crash a lot.

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