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How To Fix The iOS 11.1 A [?] Autocorrect Bug

The bugs in iOS 11 keep coming. Apple has already released iOS 11.1, a little over a month after releasing iOS 11. There have been smaller updates in between all aimed at killing bugs. The big feature added in iOS 11.1 is 70 new emoji but this iteration also has a rather annoying bug. If you type the letter I, it is auto-corrected to A [?]. No one really knows why this is happening and it seems that the iOS 11.1 A [?] autocorrect bug is partial to the iPhone 7. Here’s a fix.

iOS 11.1 A [?] Autocorrect Bug

This fix is more of a work around but until Apple fixes the problem, this will have to do. iOS has a neat text expansion feature. It’s been a part of iOS for years. Text expansion lets you enter an abbreviated phrase that iOS automatically expands to the full version of the phrase.

For example, if you want to type On my way, you can enter omw in iOS, and it will expand these three letters to On my way! automatically. This is one of the text expansion presets but you can add your very own.

Text Expansion

To add a text expansion option that can fix the iOS 11.1 A [?] autocorrect bug, open the Settings app and go to General>Keyboard>Text Replacement.

Tap the plus button at the top to add a new phrase. In the phrase field, enter a capital I, and in the shortcut field, enter a small case i. Tap Save and autocorrect won’t bother you any more.

Third-party Keyboard

The above solution is for users who prefer the default iOS keyboard. If you’re not picky, you can use any other third-party keyboard. We can recommend using the Grammarly keyboard that adds a spelling and grammar check to iOS. It’s pretty good so you won’t miss the default predictive text in iOS.

I think it’s safe to say that iOS 11 has quite a few problems that need to be fixed. Every new update that Apple has rolled out added new bugs on top of the ones it fixed. It’s beginning to feel like a dog chasing its tail at this point. What’s surprising is that these bugs aren’t spotted in the betas. Apple has a public beta program for both iOS and macOS so it’s not like the pool of users testing its OS is a small one or limited to just developers. It’s unfortunate that bugs like these are surfacing on an operating system that runs on a device that is just supposed to work.

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