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View Flight Schedules For Any Airport In The World With FlightBoard For iPhone

If you travel a lot, you’d likely recognize Kayak Pro as one of the best travel companion apps for multiple smartphone and computer platforms. Though considering its huge feature set, extracting your desired information from its giant database might be a bit of an issue, specially when you are on the move. That’s where apps like FlightBoard shine. This app turns your iPhone into an actual flight board for any airport you want. All public airports in the world are supported by the app, and the schedules displayed by FlightBoard are updated with efficient regularity. You can share any of the available flight data in a number of ways, and the whole app can be controlled with just a few touches. Other than the neat controls, FlightBoard also has a cool interface that aims to replicate real-life flight boards you see at airports.

FlightBoard iOS FlightBoard iOS Details FlightBoard iOS Share

When you launch the app for the first time, the main page of FlightBoard will be empty. To fill it up, hit the ‘Airports’ button in the top-left corner of the screen. You will be asked to grant the app access to your current location and based on that, FlightBoard will come up with a list of all nearby airports. To view the schedule for an airport, just tap its name and you will be taken to its detailed flight board. If you aren’t looking for the roster of an airport near you, it is also possible to perform a search using the name of the airport, city, country or code. Hitting the small arrow next to the search box will help you find nearby airports after performing a search.

The main screen of FlightBoard shows data including flight codes, destinations, gate number, origin and time for arrival / departure. You can sort the board using any of these data fields by tapping its name from the top bar. To switch between arrivals and departures, hit the arrow button in the upper-right corner.

FlightBoard also lets its users view details for any entry on the schedule board. Simply tap the flight and you can see its destination, code number and other relevant information. If you want to share that data with others, you can do so using SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook. It is also possible to jump to the flight board of the destination airport by hitting the first button in the sharing menu.

FlightBoard is a universal app for iOS, with an Android version available in the Google Play Store as well. The iOS client has gone free from $3.99, so grab the app right away to always be on time for your flights. We are sure there are other similar apps available out there, but FlightBoard has the edge over them due to the staggering number of locations it supports, and the current price tag of free.

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