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Get Animated Weather Wallpapers On Your iPhone With Weatherboard

Just a few days ago, we covered iDynamic, a Cydia tweak that adds to the iOS 7 dynamic wallpaper collection. Weatherboard is somewhat similar to that release, but it adheres to a single theme: weather. Tweaks like WeatherIcon have already given users a taste of the beauty weather-related animations can add to iOS. With Weatherboard, the animations aren’t just limited to an app icon though, as it offers the animated backgrounds from the stock Weather app as dynamic wallpapers for your home and lock screen. Weatherboard doesn’t automatically set the wallpaper according to the current weather (a feature for future releases, maybe), so you can select any from over 80 available animated backgrounds, where each is available in two flavors; one for the day and one for night.

Weatherboard iOS Enable Weatherboard iOS Backgrounds

Weatherboard works in a very uncomplicated manner. The menu it adds to the stock Settings app comes with a comprehensive set of instructions written beneath each option. To enable or disable the tweak, use the toggle at the top of the menu.

When the tweak is enabled, it reveals its repository of wallpapers divided into day and night variants. Users can take their pick from a staggeringly large variety of options – everything from sunny to snowy and stormy conditions, forming a total of more than 40 wallpapers per menu.

It would have been perfect had the tweak tapped into the stock Weather app to change the wallpaper automatically based on current weather conditions. That said, the tweak’s current way of handling things ensures you’re never stuck with a particular background for too long.

Weatherboard-setting-wallpaper Weatherboard-dynamic-weather-wallpapers-iOS-7

Weatherboard offers a preview of each wallpaper before you apply it. As with setting any image as the wallpaper, you can choose to apply different backgrounds to the home and lock screens. The first time you apply a wallpaper after enabling Weatherboard, it doesn’t show until you respring your device. Oddly, the option to respring isn’t present in the tweak’s Settings menu.

Weatherboard-live-weather-wallpapers-iPhone Weatherboard-snow-animated-wallpaper Weatherboard-blizzard-animated-wallpaper

Weatherboard is a simple but awesome idea. We’d love to see the option to enable automatic switching of backgrounds based on the current weather, but even as it is right now, we can’t complain. You can get your hands on Weatherboard for iOS 7 from BigBoss repo of the Cydia store for a meager $1.49.

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