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Get Easy Access To System Toggles On iPhone Lock Screen

If Infinity Blade (or any other game, for that matter) has taught us one thing, it is that you cannot stay on top without being occasionally challenged. SBSettings has been the king of Cydia tweaks for a long time, and not many alternatives have come even close to garnering the same following as it enjoys. The only criticism that you can direct at SBSettings is that it offers too many options, including some you are never likely to need. Also, the lock screen integration of the tweak isn’t too good, and the screen turns off even if you are going through the toggles listed in the dropdown window. Flusterless and similar tweaks cannot be considered alternatives of SBSettings by any stretch of imagination, since they are too limited in terms of features. LockscreenToggles, however, might be the first Cydia tweak in a long time that can make you leave SBSettings. The tweak doesn’t have as much toggles and customization options as SBSettings, but that also means you don’t have to go through endless manual configuration to get started.

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Unlike SBSettings that installs as a whole app of its own, LockscreenToggles doesn’t even have a menu in the Settings app. The developer has decided to keep things in his own hands, and you can only get a predefined set of system toggles with the new tweak. Having said that, some of the toggles are better than those available in other similar tweaks. For example, SBSettings does not have a flashlight control by default, but this useful option is there in LockscreenToggles (something we saw in BatteryDoctorPro as well).

So, how exactly can you access the toggles added to the iPhone lock screen by LockscreenToggles? At first glance, you aren’t likely to see any change after the tweak’s installation, because its toggles only appear when the user invokes them. To view a list of some of the most useful toggles, swipe across the time display at the top of the lock screen. In addition to these five controls though, LockscreenToggles offers even more. Swipe downwards on the time bar, and a dropdown list of additional system controls shows up. You can rearrange the list to place the more useful options near the top – simply drag the desired options using the icon located to the right of each entry.

LockscreenToggles fetches for $0.99, which is a decent price for a tweak that has such a neat interface and can come in handy on a lot of occasions. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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